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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Fort Knox in your pocket!

oneSafe is the app that allows you to store all your personal information in one place with complete security. Credit card numbers and entry codes. Usernames and passwords. Photos and documents.

The magic wand to secure your Mac

Locky magically locks your Mac when you walk away and unlocks it when you walk up to it. Making the most of the brand new Bluetooth Low Energy. As simple as that.

Your high-end app

Looking for Apps and mobile UX expertise? We do craft apps for others, or coach teams to create premium apps. And we give awesome bootcamps too, from UX to Xcode and more. Introducing Studio...

For your eyes only

With oneSafe pix, there’s no more stress about wondering where you stored that jpeg or movie clip. Whether it’s photos of your last vacation or sensitive pictures and videos, oneSafe Pix is that one safe place for all your multimedia files.

The future of Education

Prof. Phifix is making the most of new technologies to motivate your kids to play and learn. This product optimize the learning path by profiling the learner like never before. The future of learning. Now.